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Project Description
xtremeCC is a set of powerful, easy-to-use common controls for Windows Forms 2.0 control library which provides multiple controls with enhanced rendering, and ease of extensibility options.

The no. of controls will be increased with each minor version increment while the build number is to signify any patches that have been applied so as to enhance the performance of xtremeCC.

The renderer used for xtremeCC can be tweaked to the maximum at any time. Also, the xtremeCC comes bundled with whole lot of control and the samples which describe the usage of controls. The documentation project for xtremeCC is underway and will be released only with the final stable build not less than version 1.0.

All the versions below 1.0, i.e., 0.x are development and beta-only versions which may be labeled stable or not according to the testing done on them.

If you are interested in development of xtremeCC or have an idea which can greatly enhance the performance/memory footprints of the library, then just drop a mail to me at amitbhandari[at]

This project is currently in development and only unstable and non-tested build release is available with source-code. We would really appreciate, if you would like to contribute to this project and make it a real success.

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